Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Shambles Goes To Allston...One Last Time. Final Show 12/23

Shambles cover one last Saves the Day song tonight (12/23) at O'Brien's Pub

Man. Did you hear? Shambles' last show (we won’t say ever because we live in the moment!) is happening today, Tuesday, December 23rd. Ending it where they started it, and where they did all the middle parts, O’Brien’s Pub in Allston.

Shambles is like that nice guy who you’re not that into, but he’s got a cool personality and is great BFF material. And although he might get kind of jealous when you start dating someone, when that someone breaks your heart, he’ll be right there to make sure you have a date to the school dance.

So obviously, we were beyond distraught to hear about Shambles’ decision to break up.

Convinced we weren’t the only ones, we polled the audience for some genuine reactions and asked the question:

What is Allston Without Shambles?

"Allston will be a lot less fun without those dudes playing shows and putting out super catchy pop punk." – Sam Nashawaty of Save Ends

“Allston without Shambles is like decaf coffee: it looks the same, but deep down you know some important thing is missing." – A collaborative thought from The New Warden

“Let's go with ‘Who are Shambles?’ Or… ‘Exactly the same.’ Dealer's choice.” – Harley Cox of Choke Up

“Allston is nothing without Shambles. If that quote isn't good enough I can provide another once I stop crying.” – Sake Toomey of Slaughterhouse Sweethearts Burlesque Troupe

“I'd say O'Brien's wouldn't be the same but we still have Trophy Lungs.” – Daniel Carswell of Rebuilder

“Down a lot of cat photos.” – Kevin Bogart of Trophy Lungs

"The likelihood of someone having an asthma attack on stage while playing at O'Brien's will have gone down dramatically." - Myke Doyle of Great Lakes USA

“Allston without shambles is basically bullshit. They sing a song about Deep Ellum in Texas but hang out at that bar all the time and that is confusing. What other band is going to lay out their insecurities in such a catchy way? Who is going to have a girl break up with them mid set? Who would want to? Mind you, I’ve been drinking.” – Ryan Agate of RTT Presents 

As for us, we just want to know if this shirt is still available. See Shambles tonight at O'Brien's Pub (3 Harvard Ave., Allston) with Burglary Years, Yale, MA, Travis Alexander and Rachel Hael. 8p/$8/21+. Event details here.

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