Thursday, November 6, 2014

It’s WMBR's Annual Pledge Week!

Donate to the BEST free-format community radio station in the Boston area.

The community radio station we turn on EVERY.SINGLE.DAY to provide us with the latest and greatest in all genres including punk, rock, ska, indie and local music, as well as giving us a heads up of what's happening in the clubs around town with their daily concert reports, is asking for your help.

One of the only existing free-format community radio stations in the Boston area, WMBR 88.1 FM (located on the campus of MIT in Cambridge) is noncommercial radio, offering many hours of programming that cannot be found on any other radio station anywhere. They are 100% volunteer, with no paid staff. Roughly 5% of the station's budget comes from MIT, but the primary source of income is listener donations. Donations are used to improve the station in order to provide you with high-quality radio close to 24 hours a day.

If WMBR was a man, I’d marry him. But it is in fact a radical radio station with many different shows that make choosing impossible. From the British duo Nick Saloman & Paul Simmons of The Scene (Fridays 7a-8a), who I may or may not have geeked out to hard when I ran into them at TT’s over the summer, to all of the Breakfast of Champions and Late Risers Club DJs that get us through the week day mornings (M-F 8a-10a, 10a-12p respectively), and to our good friend Jeff Breeze who supports the local music scene from the depths of the basement of the Walker Memorial Building on Pipeline! (Tuesdays 8p-10p), WMBR is an institution. A historical entity. A damn good cup of coffee in the buffet of radio frequencies.

Pledge week happens today, Thursday, November, 6th through Wednesday, November 12th. You can donate by calling the station directly during on-air hours at 617-253-8810 or online using their secure online pledge form. And to say thank you, WMBR is offering cool premiums for your donation.

Learn more about pledge week.

Donate online now.

Listen to WMBR online now or download the Apple app and listen on the go.

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