Sunday, November 30, 2014

Doom Lover Breaks Secrecy Pact to Discuss Debut EP, Provides Cryptic Message, Returns to Secrecy

Purchase Doom Lover's debut EP, Until Everybody Dies now on Bandcamp.

Until Everybody Dies is a record that deserves dedicated listening time to accurately uncover the hard packed layers of emotion. From romance and heartbreak to desperation and determination, 2014 Rock N Roll Rumble alumni Doom Lover hopes their signature style is moving people with their debut 5-song EP.

“[As a writer], you’re longing to connect with someone, to validate the feeling or idea at the heart of a song.”

Looking back at previously released tracks, you can see the endeavor of the group evolving. 2013 singles “Yellow & Green” and “Silver Smoke Signals” certainly had a progressive alt rock base while the moody 2014 “Under the Alders” took a sharp left turn towards dark and despair. Until Everybody Dies, released October 2014, serves as a proper demonstration of Doom Lover’s bag of tricks, including the alluring and jagged vocal talents of Nikki Dessingue (synth/theremin/vox); proving to be a true asset to this band.

“As individual songwriters, we each came to this band with certain tendencies and characteristics. Playing together for a couple years we've learned how to use our sensibilities to enhance [our] songs,” Jeffrey Vachon (guitar/vox) tells Bishop And Rook. “Sometimes that involves pushing [back], but we're starting to have more fun leaning in and going along for the ride. I think that shows on Until Everybody Dies, which is the first stone on our path to ‘cohesion.’ We look forward to dismantling the model when we get bored.”

As for the next iteration of doom, DL’s audience is left with this cryptic message. “We believe in playing yer cards close to yer chest, so while some things are in place for the coming year, we swear ourselves to secrecy. Always keep em guessing.” 

You can see Doom Lover at Vary Lumar’s record release show at TT the Bear’s (Central Square, Cambridge) on December 5th with Aloud and Velah (event details). And hang with the band during a special acoustic listening party at Tres Gatos (Jamaica Plain) between 3:30p-5p on December 20th. Follow Doom Lover on Facebook and Twitter for additional show information and head to Bandcamp to purchase Until Everybody Dies for $5 today.

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