Monday, November 17, 2014

Bishop And Rook Joins Boston Scene Party

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Ermahgerd you guys! We’re making friends and making history! Bishop And Rook is proud to announce our involvement in Boston Scene Party, a community group of local bloggers brought together by a shared commitment, enthusiasm and genuine love for the Boston music scene.

Essentially, the local music scene is hoppin’ with a huge amount of crazy talented bands. And there are a number of fantastical blogs in town covering said scene. But these websites, Bishop And Rook included, are operating individually, despite possessing the same goal, and furthering the notion that the music community is disjointed.

We needed to combine efforts and build a stronger voice because at the end of the day, we all want to champion the Boston music scene.

So with the help of founding blogs, Sound of Boston, Bishop And Rook, Music Box Pete, Allston Pudding, Boston Ska Dot Net and Mutiny on the Microphone, we’ve formed, Boston Scene Party. Aptly named because every one of us has experienced that moment when you’re at show, surrounded by friends, listening to great bands and knowing, without a doubt, that this is your scene and it's the best damn party of the night.

Starting 11/28, buy the CD or the month and get 10% at Sound Lion.

And to make things even more gushy, Boston Scene Party has partnered with local business Sound Lion. Every month, Sound Lion’s Harvard Square location will feature a local musical artist, handpicked by a Boston Scene Party blog. Customers who purchase the record of the month can receive a 10% discount off their entire Sound Lion order. See store for complete details. This partnership provides musicians with extra exposure to new audiences and all profits generated from CD sales go directly back to the band.

Boston’s grunge rock outfit, DCDR (Dead Cats Dead Rats), will kick off the rotation with their highly anticipated 7th studio album, ‘Raw’ (Ocelot Records). ‘Raw’ will be available at Sound Lion, 35 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, on November 28th, just in time for Black Friday, through December 31st. See DCDR live on November 20th at TT the Bear’s, 10 Brookline Street, Cambridge, MA 02139, during the ‘Raw’ record release show. Event details.

Follow Boston Scene Party on Facebook and Twitter for updates and visit for more information.

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