Monday, September 1, 2014

Weird Womb – 'Laziness' EP

Weird Womb Laziness EP l Bishop And Rook Boston Music Blog
Get Weird with Brooklyn's Weird Womb and their upcoming EP Laziness.

There’s no hand holding. There’s no foreplay. There’s just raw, dirty, grunge rock and roll…and I like it.

Midriff Records houses an eclectic bunch of artists, representing an astonishing 12% of the participating acts in this year’s Rock N Roll Rumble, including the spectacle that is Gondoliers. This month, the independent boutique label announced the addition of an equally vexatious band, Weird Womb (Brooklyn, NY) to its roster.

“We were looking to expand the roster outside Boston and these guys seemed to fit the bill,” explains Midriff Label Runner Cameron Keiber. “We are super excited to be releasing Weird Womb's Laziness EP on vinyl and digital download.”

Fresh off the Northside Festival, the Tuscon, AZ transplants are set to continue the promotion of their upcoming EP (due on September 23rd) by sharing the stage with lablemates Gondoliers during the Laziness record release show at Shea Stadium (Brooklyn) and hitting the CMJ circuit this fall, with additional East Coast dates to be announced.

To properly assimilate the four-piece noise machine, the band has released a rather uncomfortable and morally unsound music video for single, “Tanned Tits”. The 3:25 NSFW video, which literally has an age restriction on Noisey, is borderline softcore porn in nature, so we’re streaming the less offensive, hipster gaze saturated vid for “Pale Piss” off of the band’s 2013 EP Ruined by the 90’s, available for purchase on Bandcamp.

(but if you must insist)

If you enjoy aggressive distortion with your morning coffee, Laziness is the jam for you. In particular, tracks 1, 5 and 6, which you can listen to when Laziness becomes available to stream at the Midriff Records site closer to the release date. In the mean time, follow Weird Womb and Midriff Records on Facebook for additional shows and release information.

Midriff Records is a boutique record label operating out of Boston, MA and Brooklyn, NY. Started by Boston's The Beatings in 2001, their roster has received international critical acclaim, tours regularly and includes acts such as Hands and Knees, Guillermo Sexo, Kudgel, Eldridge Rodriguez, Age Rings, Z*L, Gondoliers, M.G. Lederman, Get Help, and many others.

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