Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Cardboard Swords - O'Brien's Pub 8/14/14

Cardboard Swords l Bishop And Rook Boston Music Blog
Check out Grand Rapids' emo band, The Cardboard Swords at O'Brien's Pub 8/14.

Feel feelings and score that perfect year book quote at O’Brien’s Pub on Thursday, August 14th when The Cardboard Swords roll into town.

Emerging from the Grand Rapids, Michigan DIY scene, this newish three-piece is all pining and poetry with the 2014 Remnants EP. Influenced by Taking Back Sunday and Death Cab For Cutie, this Midwestern band presents a less abrasive range of passive aggressive reflections.

When they’re not writing lines like “Life may or may not be about finding true love, but it’s certainly not about begging for it from someone,” that appears in the spoken word interlude of “Flannel”, The Cardboard Swords are advocates for the do it yourself and do it together local scenes like Do-It-Together Grand Rapids, an open collective dedicated to supporting the local cultural scene of the city and the greater artistic community by propagating, promoting, and engaging the public with performances - Musical and Otherwise - In the context of house shows and small DIY/DIT venues. A cause that any conscious Allston/Boston scene supporter can respect.

Dudes singing about girls gets me every time. If you’re riding the emo wave with bands like Old Gray, Hotelier and Somos, you’ll enjoy The Cardboard Swords.

See The Cardboard Swords along with band BFFs Moses (MI), Loud Clappers and Antennae Wedding at O'Brien's Pub, Allston, August 14th ($7/21+/event details).

Remnants is available for purchase $3 or more on Bandcamp now. Follow The Cardboard Swords on Facebook and Twitter and learn more about them and the Do It Together Grand Rapids scene by listening to the band's guest spot on West Michigan Indie podcast.

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