Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Vote For State Rock Song

If you haven't heard, Massachusetts is in line for an official rock song. The battle began after fans of The Modern Lovers' ‘‘Roadrunner,’’ a 1970s ode to the joys of driving along Route 128 late at night, launched a social media campaign. Which then prompted a backlash from Aerosmith fans to unfortunately vote in "Dream On". State Rep. James Cantwell has even taken time out of his schedule to be a co-sponsor of the "Dream On" bill. Mr. Cantwell represents Marshfield, MA. Ironically Steven Tyler, Joey Kramer and Brad Whitford own / have owned property in Marshfield. Small world. Like most Julie Kramer fans, I've been walking around thinking "Roadrunner" has been the unofficial state rock song for years. But if we're really going to vote on it, I'd like a few write ins. 

It's a good old fashion battle of the bands! Image Credit
After immediately discarding "Dream On", and comparing lyrical content to the appropriate message that should be associated with this state, I narrowed down my list. And then I realized we should just vote in the entire 22 Songs That You'll Never Want To Hear Again! album by Darkbuster.

What song would you vote for?

Out of State Honorable Mention


Runner Up


Winner! (It was hard Massachusetts. Your essence exists in so many songs)


  1. I can't listen to any of these while at work but will when I get home and let you know my thoughts :)

  2. Roadrunner is so, so perfect. Jonathan Richman, official New England Spokesperson of my heart


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