Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pretty & Nice Announce Indefinite Hiatus After New Release

After 9 years, Pretty & Nice go on indefinite hiatus (image credit)

On the coattails of the band’s recent single release, Boston’s indie / electro pop band Pretty & Nice took to Facebook and Instagram yesterday afternoon to announce an indefinite hiatus. [More details after the jump]

Established in 2005, Pretty & Nice have gained popularity over the years, landing contracts with Equal Vision and Hardly Art Records and tickling the fancy of many journalists

“Their approach is so guileless and giddy, you'll get drunk on that spazzy, sneering sound all over again.”
-Rebecca Raber, 2009

“Boston-based power pop trio Pretty & Nice is hell bent on making you dance or at the very least crack a smile.”
-John B. Moore, 2013

(Along with some scattered singles) Their fifth and potentially final album release aptly named Infinitely Forever EP, will be available August 12th on cassette via everdayisamixtape and digitally via Lost Colony Music. “Rock N Roll Wizard” can be streamed now (and below) courtesy of New York based online music publishing company The Wild Honey Pie.

Pre-order digitally here:

The tapes are limited to 300 in 3 different colors:
  • CLEAR - Limited to 100 (Internet Order Only)
  • TRANSLUCENT GREEN - Limited to 100 (Available only at the show 8/14 at Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn, NY)
  • YELLOW - Limited to 100 (Available only at the show 8/16 at Great Scott in Allston, MA)

To Everyone Who is Still Listening:

It is with a single heavy heart that we announce that Pretty & Nice will be taking an indefinite hiatus after the release of Infinitely Forever and our shows 8/14 at Glasslands in Brooklyn, NY and 8/16 at Great Scott in Allston, MA.

Pretty & Nice started in 2005 with two best friends trying to make the music in their heads a reality. Over the 9 years that followed the band has taken many turns, changing songwriters and home cities while amassing a team of nearly a dozen former members. The goal of the band has always been to spread positive energy to everyone with whom we interacted and, in that way, we feel successful.

We've been on countless US tours as well as two unbelievable trips to Europe. Along the way we've met some of the most amazing, inspirational, and helpful people in the world. We couldn't have done any of this without each and every one of you!


To the bands that brought us on tour and let us roll around onstage before them; to the cities that took us in and treated us like we were home; to anyone who let us sleep on their floors, in their guest rooms, and on their couches; to the people who came out and danced and sang and showed us why life is worth living; to the labels who helped us put our music in the hands and ears of the Universe; to the managers and booking agents and promoters who encouraged and assisted us; to the people who stood in the back of the room and then later mentioned to a couple friends that they saw this band that was kind of okay;

Thank you for making it all worthwhile. You're with us and you're a part of this

Infinitely Forever.

Pretty & Nice

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