Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Young Leaves Lose Their Bassist

The Young Leaves (from left) Rico (drums), Christopher (vocals/guitar), Lindsey (bass)

After a whirlwind season of releasing a record, touring, and growing support in their local scene, Holliston based distorted indie pop band The Young Leaves took to Facebook this morning to announced the departure of bassist Lindsey Nogueira.

"Hi. So as of yesterday, Lindsey is no longer in The Young Leaves. She's an excellent musician, great person, and the departure was COMPLETELY amicable. Lindsey rules and we'll always love her. With that said, we are continuing on as a 2-piece. I have an elaborate and weird rig being made right now so I can play bass and guitar simultaneously and it's going to get dumb...a good dumb. Anyway, thanks for being awesome everyone. See you in the pit."

Frontman Christopher Chaisson, who has lamented over previous bassist rotations in a 2012 article and who is credited for guitar and bass on their most recent record Alive and Well (Baldy Longhair Records), will take over both instruments for the time being. The Young Leaves are scheduled to play punk rock festival-extraordinaire FEST 13 in Gainesville, FL later this year.

Alive and Well can be purchased in digital format and on vinyl at Baldy Longhair Records online store.

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