Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It's Getting a Little Burrrlesquey in Boston

Revenge of the Robot Battle Nuns takes the stage 6/30 and 6/29 at Club Oberon.

If you haven't taken in a burlesque show at Harvard Square's Club Oberon (2 Arrow St., Cambridge, MA), you are missing out on some of the city's most talented, empowering, sometimes gory but always entertaining underground choreography.

This month, Club Oberon will be hosting two, 2-night events of bodacious babes wearing little to nothing for your viewing pleasure. Blood and glitter will plaster the stage! Buy your tickets now!

Buy tickets for Robot Battle Nuns now.

On June 20th and June 29th, Revenge of the Robot Battle Nuns, presented by Boston horror burlesque troupe The Slaughterhouse Sweethearts, will be out for blood for the third year in a row. Viewers are asked to prepare for a lesbian spider cult, mad sciences, aerialists, drag, mutations, comedy, violence, and, of course, tassels as this "epic, b-horror, sci-fi, apocalyptic adventure from the brain of a burlesque dancer" tells a bizarre and terrible tale.

Cast Includes:
Fem Bones - Sake Toomey - Belle Gunz -Anne Frankenstein- Landis Darling - Allix Mortis -Ginny Nightshade - The Wizard

Special Guest Performers include:
Dale Stones - Bitches of Destiny - Jane Doe - Sindy Katrotic - Willie Dumey - Mary Widow - Claude Kitten - Abby Normal - Honey Pie - Ginny Tingles- Ricky Lime- Dexter Dix - Lillith Beast -Sam Atwood - Maggie Maraschino

Buy tickets for Fit for a Queen now.

On June 22nd and June 26th, Sparkletown Productions will take you on a collision course of rock royalty and glittery tassels with the first show of their 2014 season, Fit for a Queen - a burlesque tribute to the iconic sounds of everyone's favorite glam rock band, Queen. With a roster full of Boston's burlesque all-stars, Fit for a Queen will surely rock you. You Want It All? In addition to performances by some of your favorite Fat Bottomed Girls, there will be live music by Queen cover band, Scaramouche & The Fandangos. This epic night is hosted by the Freddie Mercury of Boston comedy, Mehran Khaghani. If you ask, he might Flash you.

Cast Includes:
Jane Doe - Femme Brulée - Lolli Hoops - Mary Widow - DInah DeVille - Honey Pie - Harley Foxx - Claude Kitten - Allix Mortis - Abby Normal - Rogue Burlesque

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