Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Trifecta: Year One - Pop Up Arts & Culture Event

4-day event celebrating the diverse artist community in Boston.
Trifecta Editions is a print collective based in Boston and Cambridge, focused on producing innovative, top-quality, limited edition, affordable screen prints and art objects. Those hip T-shirts, elaborate show posters and custom record jackets you love so much? These guys do that. The collective currently works with a diverse group of artists—from illustrators, comic artists, painters and printmakers to designers, sculptors, graffiti artists and architects.

Between May 22 through 25, Trifecta Editions will be celebrating its inaugural arts and culture event, Trifecta: Year One, at the Fourth Wall Project 132 Brookline Ave., Boston.

This four-day event will celebrate the creative community Trifecta Editions has tapped into during its first year in business and includes an art gallery, Trifecta pop-up shop, live t-shirt screen printing press, onsite drawing and printing demonstrations, artist talks and live music performances.

Artists include:
Greg Lamarche (SP.ONE), Nick Zaremba, Matt Zaremba, Khaldoun Hijazin, Faye Orlove, Brian Butler, David Buckley Borden, Gupi Ranganathan, Farel Dalrymple, Edie Bresler, Cyrille Conan, Masha Ryskin and Michele L’Heureu.

Boston Printers’ Roundtable “Shop Talk” features:
Screenprinters AntiDesigns and Weinberg Design as well as letterpress printers from Valor Press and Union Press.

Full event schedule can be found at Trifectaeditions.com.

(from top left) X Poster: Weinberg Design, Maine is Cold Map: David Buckley Borden, That’s Unattractive: Matt Zaremba, Boston Roots Print: Anti Designs, Wizard Of Oz: Farel Dalrymple, Bike Boston: Union Press.

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