Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Somerville PorchFest 2014

Somerville Porchfest May 17th 12-6p.

On Saturday, May 17th musicians and bands throughout Somerville will celebrate and utilize an underused public venue: The Porch. Acts—ranging from bollywood funk, cosmic americana, killer blues, Moroccan, Balkan, gospel, American space rock and clawhammer banjo—will serenade passersby from porches throughout Somerville fo’ free.

There are three time slots are based on three quadrants of the city; east to Central will be 12-2; Central to Willow will be 2-4; west of Willow 4-6.

Preview the bands, get an idea of what your Saturday itinerary should look like and play around with an interactive map at the official Somerville Arts Council’s website.

Some of our favorite names this year are “Lonely Winter Hill Hammered Dulcimer Club (of One)” at 11 Fenwick St. (12-2p), “Grump Old Men’s Old Time String Band” at 10 Willow Ave. (2-4) and “The Parking Tickets” at 242 Willow Ave. (2-4).

Oh and then there are these punks covering Toto's "Africa" at 5 Forster St. (12-2p).

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  1. This is pretty neat. I had no idea this was happening.


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