Thursday, April 3, 2014

Noise Atlas Navigates the Sounds of Boston

Boston's newest organizational tool. Noise Atlas is the online database for Boston bands.

Plagued with the popular issue of drawing a blank when looking for that perfect last band to make the most prolific new lineup (preferably in the garage genre, ideally available late May...anyone?), Tim Oxton (Wakes, Polaroids) has created, what in retrospect, appears to be an obvious and brilliant solution like flat bottom taco shells or Kbrakes.

Noise Atlas, an online database of Boston bands, categorized alphabetically or by genre, soft launched yesterday and has already grown from its original twelve search results to fifteen, with more on the way.

“Noise Atlas was initially [created] for Boston only [bands],” explains Oxton. “But I’m going to start including New England bands as well, to a point. I am however going to try and keep the list to fewer than 100 for now. The idea behind Noise Atlas is that it’s an approachable list of bands around Boston. If it gets unwieldy and hard to find bands due to sheer volume, it starts to undo its main purpose.” Oxton does admit the arbitrary number is of course subject to change as the page is still in its start-up phase.

Created for those who love the music being made in Boston but don’t know where to find more of it, the newest organizational tool for the local music community aims to bring together the people making the music with the people who want to listen to it.

At just two days old, Noise Atlas is succeeding in its mission to promote the local sound. "I’ve definitely found a massive amount of new bands via submissions to the point that I’m having trouble keeping track of them all, which is pretty awesome," Oxton tells Bishop And Rook. "So many bands are emailing me wanting to be included or just saying that they love the idea. I didn’t expect this level of interest or support so immediately - it's pretty incredible." Clearly the scene approves.

Noise Atlas is now taking requests. Submit your band today and follow Noise Atlas on Facebook and Twitter for website updates and future initiatives.

Navigate the sounds of Boston efficiently by alphabetical order or by genre.

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