Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What's A Girl Gotta Do For A Record Release Show?

From snow storms to shit shows, Atlantic Thrills will finally get to play their Record Release Show.

Man, Atlantic Thrills can't catch a break. First, the Providence, RI garage surf band’s Record Release show was canceled due to the impending February 15th snow storm. Now, in light of the Great Tasty Burger Debacle during a 2/22 Eye Design show, the band’s rescheduled date happening this Friday (2/28) and co-presented by The Boston Hassle, Treat Yo Self and Eye Design, will to need change venues.

Last Saturday’s Idiot Genes, The Dirty Nil (Ontario) and Zip-Tie Handcuffs Harvard Square Tasty Burger basement show was abruptly ended mid-opening set when promoter and restaurant manager could not agree upon a volume level which, at the time, was driving away diners on the main level of the eatery. Eye Design has since moved previously scheduled shows to alternative locations.

The Facebook event page for Friday’s rescheduled / relocated Atlantic Thrills Record Release show, hosted by Treat Yo Self and Eye Design, offers the following uncompromising and opinionated proclamation.

"If you are going to host rock bands @ your venue, if you're going to invite them into your venue, you cannot ask those bands to TURN DOWN. And you most certainly cannot end a show during the first of several sets because the band that you asked to turn down refuses to do so. Actually run a venue or don't, no one is forcing anything on Tasty Burger."

Similar logic has been used when inviting a bull into a china shop. We on the other hand do believe the proprietor of an establishment has every right / responsibility to regulate volume control. But we weren't at this show, so who knows.

A February 23rd Vanyaland report stated Tasty Burger Manager, Brian Reyelt, assured "all scheduled shows will go on as planned," including Boston Hassle’s Fat Creeps, Bent Shapes, Bleeding Rainbow (PA) show scheduled for this Wednesday (2/26).

However, updates to both the Wednesday and Friday Facebook event pages feature identical notes. "UPDATE: Tasty Burger has cancelled all of their shows. So if the above were not good enough reasons for moving the show, then this surely is." According to Facebook, Wednesday's Boston Hassle show is now at a "secret location" in Jamaica Plain. Ask a punk?

Atlantic Thrills, who has no association with happenings at the burger joint, will play with Liquor Store (NJ) and White Pages this Friday at Video Underground in Jamaica Plain (which on an unrelated note, recently announced it will be closing soon, date TBA).

You can purchase Atlantic Thrills' debut S/T album, released earlier this month, over at Almost Steady Records and stream the record on Spotify now. The band will embark on a U.S. Tour beginning March 4th.

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