Sunday, January 12, 2014

“Courtesy Moans” Makes My Lady Bones Tingle

Allston's Lady Bones is the next band to put on your radar.

See what I did there? Back in September, Allston indie rock band Lady Bones collaborated with local experimental rock band, Horsehands, to release a 4-song split. Side note, if gremlins made music, I’m certain it would sound something like Horsehands’ contribution.

“Courtesy Moans” is a high-speed chase of heavy hitting drums and distortion, bookended by rhythmic guitars that create a tight package of enjoyable noise. “Hoovah” sounds like something Black Francis (Pixies) imagined up, with the vocal stylings of Brandon Flowers (The Killers) or Alex Kapranos (Frans Ferdinand), minus the synthpop.

On the topic of band influences, guitarist / singer, Sean Gilston recalls, “Modest Mouse was a big influence, mainly because I used to have a bad lisp when I was younger and I was really embarrassed of my voice, so hearing [Isaac Brock] with his lisp and strange singing style gave me a lot of confidence.” However, now a days, Gilston states his biggest influences come from going out to see shows as often as he can. “There are so many incredible bands in Boston and I think we take away little things from every show we go to.”

Playing just under the radar at local venues in Boston for the past few years, Lady Bones landed on Allston Pudding’s Localz Only Mix Tape MMXIII late fall of 2013 and recently recorded three songs with Converse through their Rubber Tracks program. The band is currently writing new material and planning on recording a full-length this summer as well as talks of a tour in April.

Catch the trio as they play some back to back shows including 1/14 at Great Scott in Allston, 1/18 at The Hive in Gloucester and back home on 1/25 at O’Brien’s Pub. Follow Lady Bones on Facebook for additional show dates and information on upcoming releases and stream their tracks on Bandcamp today.

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