Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Regulars - That's Fancy

The Regulars (Boston) at The Precinct 12.6.13 (image credit)

The Regulars, comprised of members of Big D and the Kids Table and Far From Finished, rocked out at Precinct Bar in Union Square, Somerville last night. With a current line up consisting of Marc Cannata (ex-Far From Finished, vox), Billy Bean (ex-Smartbomb, ex-Outbreak, Callback Holly - Guitars and Vox), Dave Siegel (Guitars), Steve Foote (ex-Big D and the Kids Table, Nick and the Adversaries - Bass) and Rick Smith (The Pomps, Rebuilder - Drums), this band is a collaboration of seasoned local musicians, creating a sound oozing with pop. Their live show was nothing short of entertaining with Smith and Bean generating some showmanship moves on stage during an anticipated energetic post midnight set. You can purchase their 5 song EP (Are You) A True Regular? for $3 on Bandcamp today. Check out their sound.

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