Friday, December 6, 2013

Rock-n-Romp - A Rock and Roll Show for the Fam

Rock on kids...rock on. Presented by Boston Bowery and Girl Friday Industries.

Got kids? Love music? Then Rock-n-Romp is for you. Started in the Washington D.C. Rock-n-Romp is "a family friendly concert series showcasing fantastic local-area musicians and bands. Shows are held during the day in a relaxed, kid-safe environment. The volume might be low, but the music is designed for parents and kids both in mind. Kids enjoy the music, dance, or just enjoy the other activities available to them, and parents get the ever-so-rare opportunity to listen to great live music and enjoy a beer with other parents. Romps give parents who miss that aspect of their social life a chance to get out, enjoy some music that might be new to them, and expose their kids to great bands in a safe, friendly environment.

Head to The Sinclair in Cambridge on Saturday December 7th 11:30a for performances by  Tallahassee and The Susan Constant. See full event details on the official Facebook event page.

Poster by Daykamp Creative.

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