Thursday, September 5, 2013

Buttons and Mindy – Caterpillar EP - or - Chai Frappuccino Haitian Kiefer Sutherland!

Boston math rock band, Buttons and Mindy, release debut EP

In 2012, Buttons and Mindy created a Kickstarter and asked for support via an endearingly awkward video. 30 days and 45 backers later, the band surpassed its $2,500 pledge goal, making the 2013 debut EP Caterpillar, a possibility.

Formed in the fall of 2009 while attending Berklee College of Music; Max, Chance and Joe began creating the initial sounds that would later become intricate cogs in the well-conceived math rock machine. And after four years of playing DIY basement shows around the area, have established a core fan base that has grown to over 1,100 Facebook fans.

Buttons and Mindy successfully achieve a sequence of interstitial layers that build to a pinnacle sound with Caterpillar

The lyrics, that listen like a private diary reads, are a mix of personal experience and creative observation, with emotional undertones like that of The Casket Lottery.

"I love to watch the way you dance underneath the lamplight. Just for the night can I join you?
The smell of summer is rapidly fading. It's not a time that I've been anticipating."
- 'I Don't Know the First Thing About Kiefer Sutherland'

And the range in tones within the band’s capabilities is demonstrated with the non sequitur tracks, 'Tai Chi Chai Tea' and 'Orange Mocha Frappuccino', where a storm of intense regret in the styling of Small Brown Bike is met with the rhythmic complexity of Maps & Atlases.

'I Don’t Know the First Thing About Kiefer Sutherland', released as a single in 2012 as a prelude to Caterpillar, is the powerhouse of the 5 song EP, serving as a comprehensive story and an ever so appropriate anthem for ending summers. You had me with the staccato.

Stream and purchase Caterpillar for free (at a "name your price" donation) on Bandcamp today and follow Buttons and Mindy on Facebook and Twitter for show dates.

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