Friday, July 19, 2013

Masked Intruder - Why Chance it, Narragansett

Masked Intruder steals our stuff, and our hearts. (credit)

I don’t know if these guys have visitation rights, but I had to go home and take a cold shower after this show. (this room was mad hot bro)

Masked Intruder (Red Scare Records) broke into the Middle East in Cambridge on Thursday night during their Boston stop on the Red Scare Across America Tour, promoting their 2012 self-titled full length consisting of convictions and love songs.

“Well it's hard to embark on a quest for love when you're locked up in jail
Send you mail, but get every letter back return to sender
What the fuck? Don't you know my love is true?
Oh girl, please tell me, how do I get to you?”
- "How Do I Get To You"

Escorted by Officer Bradford; the anonymous Blue, Red, Green and Yellow, who have yet to be identified, were read their rights to rock and roll. Bradford, who doubles as the band’s hype man, lasted all of 5 minutes on stage before agitating the pit, dancing with the girls and taking his shirt off.

In between singing songs the equivalent to a stalker’s deranged obsessive fantasies; Blue established what I have to consider is one of the best slogans for any beer, ever. "Why Chance It, Narragansett."

These boys are infatuated with the beautiful ladies. So girls, if you want a spot light dance with one of the incardinated lovesick punk rockers, learn the words to ‘Heart Shaped Guitar’ and you may be Maura Weaver’s (Mixtapes) fill in.

Masked Intruder is out on probation and touring the country. See them at a venue near you. Cool. 

Follow Masked Intruder on Facebook and Twitter for news, tour updates and prison letters. Purchase the self-titled LP on Fat Wreck Chords.

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