Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Fine Vinyl Weekend

The most beautiful girl in the room. .... The only girl in the room....
Sometimes you just have to sift through moldy old boxes in a hotel ball room alongside a bunch of dudes.

Between the Newbury Comics buy two get one free special and the New England Record Show on Sunday in Somerville, it was certainly a fine vinyl weekend.

"You mean you have a vinyl player?"

Additions and essentials. That Tegan and Sara record finally
grew on me.
Let me look inside your box. Flea market finds. Don't worry,
there were PLENTY of RUSH albums to go around.

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All I post are pictures of kittens, cocktails and records.

And although Music to Strip By was a pretty damn good find and by far the most obscure thing I bought. I will have to say, having 'The Piano Has Been Drinking' on vinyl made my weekend.

And the carpet needs a haircut
And the spotlight looks like a prison break
Cause the telephone's out of cigarettes
-Tom Waits

And in the spooky timing that is the internets, Buzzfeed came out with 36 Things Vinyl Collectors Love. So many yeses I can't pick a number.



  1. Gaah. I need to get a record player so bad. There's a shop right down from our new place that sells used vinyl super cheap.

    1. Yes, you have to. I have two. You can never have enough.


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