Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Interrobang – Aggressive, Alternative, New

“Current pawns seeking attention of Bishop and Rook - The Interrobang have included an espresso cocktail recipe bribe in this email.” A plethora of chess references Creativity and bribes, that’s all I’m asking.

A little over a month since The Self Proclaimed Rockstars played their final show at Radio in Union Square, Somerville; Johnny, Rjan, Mick, James and Stephen will return as the newly formed, The Interrobang (no relation to ska punk band, Interrobang!?), on May 25th, preforming tracks off their new self-titled EP.

Boston's newest rock and roll band, comprised of veterans within
the music scene, hits the stage with focus and power.

In a recent interview with MusicBoxPete, Mick Greenwood (guitar/vocals) explains, “The Interrobang is a new band, new look, new sound. We're starting from scratch and I couldn't be more excited or energized about that.” Along with new material, Mick and the guys also solidified a few recurring spots at Radio this summer.

The Interrobang “have nothing new to contribute to the dialogue on broken hearts” and instead produce content influenced by the world around them. But Greenwood explains, “We're not necessarily trying to preach, we're trying to make people think and to make people feel. If images [found in our songs] make you feel something, then you probably have found 'the message'; but that's as close as it gets.”

A heavier rock-infused departure from the primarily indie rock SPR project, the direction of The Interrobang appears to be more focused and power-driven. Despite the darker tones in ‘Chaos & Confusion’ and ‘Bombs Away’, this Boston-based band produces some catchy tracks including ‘American DebtSlave’ with a very identifiable and fairly self-explanatory message, ”I wake, I work, I sleep, I pay and I wonder why I played this game”, and my personal favorite, the tight and enticing ‘All Smiles’ with a killer line, “My reputation's gravely misunderstood.”

See The Interrobang at their CD release party with When Particles Collide, The Susan Constant and Michael J Epstein Memorial Library, at Radio, Somerville this Saturday, May 25th, and on the main stage during the Make Music Festival in Harvard Square on June 22nd. Follow on Facebook and Twitter and visit their official website for additional show dates. And purchase their new EP for free (with a "name your price" donation) on Bandcamp today.

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