Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Hate My Day Jobs Are Outta Control

These dapper rockers look like they just left their day jobs, which they apparently hate.

Outta Control by New York garage rock band, The Hate My Day Jobs, is a distorted and adrenaline filled nine track LP featuring the right blend of Fuck Yeah by way of gritty guitars and powerhouse procession.

New York's The Hate My Day Jobs just got out of work, and want to rock out

Lyrics sung like anthems are a combination of vague references and frequently repetitive catchy choruses that drive the message home. Whatever that message may be.

"Look in the mirror just to know who I am //
I can’t look away I know I’m damned, I am //
Psycho psycho schizophrenic satan lover taxi driver"

- Psycho Psycho

While tracks like 'Simple Life' and 'Can't Believe It' hone in on the bluesy rock stylings of The Black Keys, the entirety of The Hate My Day Jobs' influence can be akin to noise rock bands such as The Hives.

As the clear breakout hit, the record's title track (featured on Rock Out With Your Cocktail Out Vol. X) can be viewed as a disheveled, modern day adaptation of the Stooges' '1969' and warrants a play on rotation. Connections aside, The Hate My Day Jobs bring the rough and warped sound associated with this region of rock and an audacious attitude to match.

Follow The Hate My Day Jobs on Facebook and Twitter for show dates, and purchase Outta Control along with their 2012 Live at Spike Hill EP on Bandcamp.

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