Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sweating to White Lung


Comprised of three pretty ladies and one scruffy dude, Vancouver punk band, White Lung, yelled to a packed and perspiring TT the Bear's Wednesday night in Cambridge, MA. Initial thoughts that come to mind when watching lead singer Mish perform are, unstable, disturbed, really fucking angry.

Vancouver punk band, White Lung, gets fierce during Cambridge show (image credit)

Displaying more hand gestures than the drunkest Jersey Shore girl in a fight with her boyfriend, White Lung plowed through their set of explosive songs, none of which were over two minutes and twenty seconds.

Standout performer is bassist Grady, who accomplishes that oh so sexy nonchalant stance as she held her own during what must have been an exhausting thirty minutes, never once taking a minute to wipe away the sweat dripping from her bangs. The bar has been raised fellas.

On the last leg of their 2013 Spring Tour, White Lung will be hitting various parts of the US and Canada now through July. See full show listings on their website. Follow White Lung on Facebook and purchase their second CD/LP "Sorry" (released in 2012 on Deranged Records) on Bandcamp.


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