Monday, April 1, 2013

Human Kitten Articulates Your Feelings in Self-Titled Full Length

I'm a sucker for cover art. Whenever I see an album with a kitten on it, I secretly whisper, "Please be good, please be good", despite the complete disassociation between adorable animals and good music. However, we know not all cat cover art works out. Am I right Fake Asian Rolex? Thankfully I also like Bright Eyes, acoustic guitars and brutal honesty, so naturally I gravitated towards folk punk artist, Human Kitten. 

Human Kitten's 2013 self-titled full length. Adorable and awesome.

Maryland Singer / songwriter, Elijah Linas of Human Kitten, puts it all out there for the moody and melancholy, and basically anyone who's ever wondered what the hell they're doing wrong, with his 2013 self-titled full length album. With lines like, "I want to be happy // I want to cry to romantic comedies // As I stuff my face with food," I'm fairly certain 'It's Cool' was written about me. But unlike the wrist cutting tracks of Bright Eyes or Damien Rice, Linas' emotional songs come with silver linings, "I'd be content to die right now if I knew I wouldn't be missed...but I know I'd be missed," (I Kinda Suck). And achieves melodious content derived from taboo sources such as mental illness.

From daily struggles and desperation, to simple observations and dry humor coping mechanisms, this self proclaimed "accidental musician" recounts experiences with a collection of descriptive lyrics that could only be strung together by an artist with a first-hand perspective.

Human Kitten is a poetic acoustic compilation of sincere, insightful and relevant songs with adorable cover art for anyone who's ever felt defeated in life.

Listen and purchase ($4) Human Kitten's 2013 self-titled full length on Bandcamp, and follow him on Facebook for tour updates.

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