Saturday, January 26, 2013

The New Warden – Crotch Science!

Still Life, The New Warden - Boston, MA

Despite it being cold as fuck at TT The Bear’s in Cambridge, MA on Friday night, the guys of The New Warden collectively brought it during the January 25th RTT Presents show.

With underdog lyrics of youthful angst, turmoil and rebellion, The New Warden is a genuine Boston pop punk band. The trio pounded through a setlist that included songs off their 2012 record, Still Life, and hosted a healthy dose of on-stage banter that included a quick insight into men’s swimwear.

The Lawrence Arm’s-esc vocals, impressive guitar work and infectious percussion invoked passionate fist pumps and captivated chanting from the layered up crowd, proving NW's fan base was too punk rock to care about the below freezing New England weather. Album hit, 'Long Walk Home', first heard on Allston Pudding's Localz Only Mixtape: September MMXII, comes complete with a catchy chorus and poppy instrumental bridge. Preceding my original favorite anthem, 'Patron Saint of Perpetual Sausage' from their 2010 EP, Up On Moody, I'm keeping The New Warden on my radar.

Although bassist/singer Kenny Righteous advised he’d be that socially awkward band guy at the merch table after their set, he was quite personable. I like a guy who wants to meet his fans and a band that thanks the fine folks at Dunkin' Donuts in their liner notes. And if it gets too cold for you this winter, take a note from the album’s title track, “It makes it a little easier, listing to summer songs.”

The New Warden full length, Still Life, is available for purchase ($7) on Bandcamp and during live shows. Stay connected with the band on Facebook for future appearances on the venue circuit.

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  1. what an awesome song :)
    I love it!


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