Tuesday, March 15, 2016

2016 Rock & Rumble Preliminary Line Up + Ticket Information + Our Predictions

The Rock and Roll Rumble #classof2016 is getting ready to duke it out for the crown by way of six preliminary nights at ONCE Lounge and Ballroom (Somerville) beginning April 3rd. Announced earlier this week on Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood, here are your line-ups.

If you choose to go to all six (recommended) consider the Six Pack Preliminary Pass. Or if you're the all or nothing / go big or go home type person, you will be wanting the Full Boat Pass which includes the six preliminary nights plus two semi-final nights (April 15th and 16th) and the main event, the final round on April 22nd.

Read on to sample each band and start taking bets making predictions.

Night #1 - April 3rd

The Digs

Gold Blood & The Associates

Weakened Friends - Our Vote to Take Night #1

Big Time Kill

Night #2 - April 4th

Jack Romanov

The Black Cheers - Our Vote to Take Night #2

Analog Heart

Eric Salt & The Electric City

Night #3 - April 5th

Idle Pilot

Field Day

Salem Wolves - Our Vote to Take Night #3


Night #4 - April 7th

21st Century Fugitives

Abbie Barrett - Our Vote to Take Night #4

I Was Awake

Johnny Blazes & the Pretty Boys

Night #5 - April 8th

Junior Classics

Choke Up - Our Vote to Take Night #5


The Longwalls

Night #6 - April 9th

Courage Cloak

The Knock Ups

The Devil's Twins - Our Vote to Take Night #6


1 comment:

  1. Night 1: Weakend Friends
    Night 2:The Black Cheers
    Night 3: Salem Wolves
    Night 4: 21st Century Fugitives
    Night 5: Worshipper
    Night 6: The Devil's Twins


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