Monday, June 22, 2015

Kids Like You & Me's 6th Anniversary Party July 1st

Party on with Kids Like You And Me July 1st at Middle East Up.

The creators of local music blog, Kids Like You And Me (KLYAM), are celebrating their 6th anniversary with a birthday bash at Middle East Upstairs on Wednesday, July 1st featuring The Barbazons, Nice Guys, G. Gordon Gritty and Providence's Atlantic Thrills. We discuss what one can learn after kicking around the Boston music scene for 6 years, how KLYAM released their first record and the best time to pee at a house show.

"I've always embraced the Jello Biafra quote, "Don't hate the media, BECOME the media." And I think that certainly applies to KLYAM, because we've always done things under our own accord."

Established in 2009, Kids Like You And Me spreads the good word about good music by way of album reviews, concert reviews, interviews, band spotlights and other music happenings in underground rock and roll/punk/garage and occasionally other genres.

In 2012, the website introduced KLYAM Records. "It's simply an extension of our love for loose, dirty rock 'n' roll and local music," explains co-founder Chris DeCarlo. "At the time, we really didn't have any idea how to start a record label, we just really wanted to put out the band Fat Creeps. They were our favorite band in Boston, so we approached them about doing vinyl and it just went from there." Along with Fat Creeps' S/T 10" EP, KLYAM also released Nice Guys/Miami Doritos 'Splifft' 7", Black Pages' 'Singles 13' and The Electric Street Queens' 'Live Form Your Dreams, We're The Electric Queens'.

"Each year we build on our discography and this year has been our most productive, DeCarlo continues. "Our most recent joint was a co-release with fellow Boston label BUFU Records for G. Gordon Gritty's 'Still Not a Musician'. G. Gordon Gritty is an outsider non-musician (hence the name of the album) and the other half of Kids Like You & Me. We released it on tape and it's a 33-song compilation spanning ten years of noisy, bedroom recordings. Definitely a change of pace for us."

Preceding Gordon was The Barbazons' 'Avec Plaisir' LP. "Putting out The Barbazons (formerly The Fagettes) has been a dream of mine for years, so I can't stress how exciting that is for KLYAM." The label was also responsible for the media blitz that surrounded The Prefab Messiahs' first release in 32 years, 'Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive' EP, co-released by Burger Records earlier this year.

In it's 6th year of operation, KLYAM has become an experienced website through trial and error, observation and passion. "I've learned that you can't wait for things to just happen. You have to make them happen. I know that sounds awfully hackneyed, but it's true and it took a while for us to learn that. If you want to see certain shows, then start booking shows. If you're thinking why isn't anyone putting out this band or putting out my band? Save up some cash and start your own label. Start your own band. Start your own blog, zine, whatever works. I've always embraced the Jello Biafra quote "Don't hate the media, BECOME the media" and I think that certainly applies to KLYAM, because we've always done things under our own accord."

"I've learned that you shouldn't second guess yourself. I don't get inspired easily, but I can get intimidated easily, and sometimes when you see so many vibrant things happening all at once, it can make you think, damn, I don't know how I could do this, but you can do it. You just have to do it. Now, level of success is a different story, but if I'm having fun then I consider it a success. Anything you wish to pursue locally should first and foremost come out of passion."

"Oh also, if you're going to attend a lot of shows, bring ear plugs, you'll need em'. If you're at a house show and have to take a piss, go before the band finishes their set, you'll save time waiting in line or simply piss outside. Other than that, we're just going to keep punk slimin' our way through the streets of Boston and beyond."

Follow Kids Like You And Me on Facebook and Twitter, check out their current record inventory for sale and party on with them on July 1st at The Middle East. Full event details here.

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