Friday, January 9, 2015

Somos Drops Off February Dads Tour

Somos takes some personal time (image credit)

Somos frontman, Michael Fiorentino, took to Facebook this afternoon to announce the band's decision to drop off the 12-stop February Dads / Roger Harvey tour, citing personal matters.

Per Facebook:
"We have some unfortunate news to share: we are no longer on the February tour with Dads and Roger Harvey. Dropping a tour is a tough thing to do, and I want to be very open about why we came to this decision. I have struggled with anxiety and depression, and it eventually built up to the point where touring in February was daunting and unmanageable. I recently started to get serious about treatment, but we want to have a few months off while I pursue the goal of dramatically improving my mental health.

We plan on continuing to tour and make music, once I take the proper time to address my health. We sincerely apologize to Dads and Roger Harvey, as well as to anyone who bought advance tickets.


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