Thursday, January 15, 2015

Metal Break - Veteran Boston Rockers Create Worshipper

Score free metal. Download the 2-song single from Worshipper now.

Maybe the Boston Music Awards' Metal category will get some new blood this year.

As a newly-forged brainchild of veteran Boston rockers John Brookhouse (Rule, The Dirty Truckers), Dave Jarvis (Mellow Bravo), Bob Maloney (Cult 45, Cracktorch, Slim Jim & The Mad Cows), and Alejandro Necochea (Bang Camaro, Township), metal band Worshipper plays the kind of darkly epic rock that can only be found in the vinyl collection of your “cool uncle.”

It’s melodic, it’s driving, it’s legendary; it’s what I picture Vikings listening to. Hungry, sleep-deprived Vikings who are on an infinite quest to find the 24-hour Dunkin' Donuts but a drunk girl gave them the wrong directions and there is absolutely no cell phone service! For context, let’s call this deceitful place Marlborough, Massachusetts! It’s also going to share a stage with the glitter glam pop sounds of Sidewalk Driver on Saturday, January 17th at The Sinclair in Harvard Square, Cambridge. Sure, why not.

Worshipper currently has a two-song single available on Bandcamp as a free download (at a name your price donation). Get familiar with the band now, then see them on Saturday with Sidewalk Driver, The Organ Beats and Leo*Leo, presented by Indie Rock Ranger. Full event details here. Follow the band on Facebook and Twitter for additional release and show information.

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