Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Stereo State is Back #TSS2015

Holyoke's The Stereo State is back and ready to rock your brains with a new LP.

Back in June of 2013, the Holyoke melodic punk band, The Stereo State, called it quits, citing member migrations.

Brandon Spence took to Facebook to announce the news. "It kills every one of us to say this but unfortunately The Stereo State will not continue past the end of the year. Andy has decided to move on to bigger and better things and we will not play under the moniker "The Stereo State" without him." Stereo State officially folded after their appearance at FEST12 in Gainsville FL.

Roughly one year later, the band's Facebook page was resurrected with big news.

"We have some very exciting news to share. Hopefully you are even half as excited as we are. Please share this info. See you next year. ‪#‎TSS2015‬
The band will reunite to write and record their second full length album.

Holyoke, Massachusetts’ THE STEREO STATE called it quits in November of 2013 after playing their last show at Fest 12 in Gainesville FL, after a final East Coast tour with labelmates in Heartsounds and Cleave. Since their decision to disband, the band has had a change of heart and gotten back together to begin writing a brand new full-length record. THE STEREO STATE formed in 2008 and has released "Caffeine, Beer & Quoting Movies" (Neutral Territory 2010), "Have All My Friends Gone Deaf?" (Creator Destructor 2011) and "Crossing Canyons" (Creator Destructor 2012).

The band has stated that the new material will be reminiscent of their signature blend of 90's skate punk and mid tempo melodic hardcore, but will also showcase newer lyrical and musical influences that have made an impact on their personal lives. The upcoming LP promises to be the emotionally hard hitting and timeless energetic punk rock that their fans have come to expect from them. The band is not planning any tours for the immediate future in order to focus on the new album. More details on the release will be announced next year."

Catch up on The Stereo State via Bandcamp and follow the band on Facebook for more juicy news.

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