Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wrong Body Has Right Sound with "Big"

Big out now and available for purchase on Bandcamp.

Big, the first LP from Boston's Wrong Body, takes notes from Fugazi-era post-hardcore, modern indie rock and dare we say a pinch of hard rock harmonies and riffs, but has all post-punk heart. Ghost Thrower summed it up best when they tweeted "Fucking @WRNGBDY is the best band you're not listening to."

Released in March of 2014, Big has already premiered to a sold out O’Brien’s Pub and the title track snagged a coveted place on the Allston Pudding 2014 Localz Only Almost Spring Mixtape MMXIV.

Influence of past local music is manifest in the lyrical framework with reoccurring lines such as "Want to suck the neighbors blood" follow the listener through the complex 10-track journey. "This line describes a person that drains the life from everyone around him, without fail, but without understanding that it hurts them until it’s too late," explains Andy Szymcik (guitar/vox). “I get a kick out of artists referencing their own work, whether it be by way of reusing a musical progression or just lyrically. The Lot Six was a band that did this constantly. The [references] in our songs are  obvious but some of theirs are much harder to find.”

In relation to current local music, Szymcik admits, “The scene itself can get quite cliquey and as a result, it’s sort of a tough one to crack into.”
Bryan Mastergeorge (guitar/vox) reiterates, “There are definitely a bunch of hidden gems in this city…you really have to do some digging to find the truly great bands.” However both believe new musical discoveries like The Bynars, Grass is Green and Crinkleface will continue to have an impression on them, creatively and otherwise, as they work on new material this summer.

Keeping it in reference to the streets of Boston, fans of the late Stolen Bike Crusade or the currently recording Darker Hues will most likely embrace Wrong Body's Big with raised beers and approving head nods. 

Follow Wrong Body on Facebook and Twitter for upcoming show dates and download “Big” for $7 on Bandcamp now.

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