Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Music - Salita Hits the Scene with Vibratious Force

Assaulting audiences with organic, loud and epic rock anthems.

For many locals, the moniker, “Kicked in the Head”, brings back nostalgic feelings and miscellaneous shenanigans of the young, wild and evolving Boston music scene of the late 90's and early 2000's.

After three records and a nine-year hiatus, KITH singer, Gary Hedrick, has returned to front the new rock outfit, Salita, with the help of bassist Peet Golan (Waltham), guitarist Rich Crimlisk (The Morgan Knockers) and drummer Eric Taranto (Dysentery). This four-piece reaches back to the old school punk/post-hardcore sounds of the DC era while assaulting audiences with organic, loud and epic rock anthems that turn the senses inside out.

As the newest band to join Boston indie label, Refuse Rethink Rebuild Records, Salita, which draws its name from the last produced Kicked in the Head record, is currently recording their debut S/T EP and will be releasing singles throughout January and February of 2014 as a prelude to the official record release show this spring. In true RRR fashion (delivering music to fans in a unique way by recording songs independently, distributing download cards at shows and allowing music lovers to “pay what you can” in order to reach a larger audience), the EP will be offered on Bandcamp at a name your price cost as well as a second option to purchase the record along with a limited edition handmade piece of art by Hendrick. Refuse Rethink Rebuild Records recently released a similar music and art project when founding band Rebuilder issued signed Christmas cards with a digital download code of their Christmas EP (limited to 50 copies).

Making the rounds, Hendrick is the latest “infamous Boston music veteran” to guest DJ on Boston’s premier local music podcast, Mutiny on the Microphone with Adam Blye. Tune in to hear KITH stories, how Salita developed from an idea to a reality and an exclusive premier of the second Salita single to have been released, “Shake Our Bones”.

Follow Salita on Facebook for new singles and additional information about the anticipated debut EP and record release show.

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