Friday, November 1, 2013

Pulitzer Prize Fighter Wins with Debut EP

Pulitzer Prize Fighter's All Sweetness and Light EP is a fun kaleidoscope of pop, jazz and rock.

From the depths of the angsty punk rock and moody indie dominated Boston music scene comes a novel noise.

Pulitzer Prize Fighter is a Boston band comprised of five different musicians working towards one unique sound.

The band’s 4-song debut EP, All Sweetness and Light (2012), is structured around a strolling poppy funk, similar to Ben Folds Five and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.

PPF’s dedication to produce an amalgam of musical styles is obvious in the theatrical composition, “Grapevines”. An all-encompassing sassy and stimulating song featuring a kaleidoscope of various genres.

As a newer band in town, Pulitzer Prize Fighter has already made a few noticeable waves. With guest vocals by Julia MacDougall spicing up the cool “Comm Ave”, track number four made its way onto Boston Emissions earlier this spring for a staggering eight weeks, peaking at #1 on Anngelle Wood’s Fiver list. And in July, the band opened for A Great Big Pile of Leaves at TT the Bear’s.

Pulitzer Prize Fighter plans to hit the studio in December to begin work on their first full-length. Look for them on the concert reports for upcoming shows in November and December.

Follow Pulitzer Prize Fighter on Facebook and Twitter for additional record and show updates and stream/purchase All Sweetness and Light on Bandcamp today for free (donations always appreciated). 

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