Wednesday, November 6, 2013

OTP – This is a Drinking Challenge

Boston's folk punk band, OTP, plays to a packed Middle East Club on 11.2.13 (image credit)

The generous crowd at the Halloween Hangover VIII at The Middle East last Saturday night was anything but hungover.

OTP (an ambiguous acronym - do with it what you may), hosted a good time, playing Misfits covers and traditional Boston barroom-style sing-along songs off of their 2010 EP, The Folly of Time Travel, 2011 record, Where We’re Found, the most recent 2012 EP, Full Mouth, as well as unreleased tracks.

With three albums already under their belt, the Somerville-based trio plans to release a 7” this spring, in anticipation for a full length record slated for fall 2014. “[We’re] not completely sure about the direction, but writing a full length will allow us to expand on our sound,” says singer/guitarist Colin Garrity on the balance between folk and punk. ”If anything, the 7” will be a bit punchier and the full length is really anyone’s guess.”

Confidence and honesty, just a few of the traits OTP brings to the scene, as well as support. When the band isn’t packing local clubs, they are out supporting fellow artists such as The Shills, Old Hat and Radio Control, living by their belief that, “People come out for live music to have a good time.”

Get out there and have a good time yourself by catching an OTP show. And if you’re up for the challenge, drink every time the word “face” is sung in their 2011 track, “Face, to Face”. Hint; it’s a legal 21 times.

Download all three records for free today on Bandcamp and follow OTP on Facebook for show updates.

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