Monday, November 25, 2013

Give the Gift of Local Art and Underlining Sarcasm

This season, find the prefect gift in art. From maps pertaining to regional identities, to disgruntled penguins and zombies, a local print can be the perfect gift for that 'hard to buy for' person.

David Buckley Borden combines the derogative expression of “Masshole” with a variety of Massachusetts’ soil horizons.

David Buckley Borden is an artist, landscape designer (highly unlicensed landscape architect), and humorist hailing from the great state of New England, currently residing in Cambridge, MA. “I enjoy exploring and expressing ideas through making maps. In particular, what I call “NTS” (not-to-scale) mapping. These maps are for exploring places…but not in the spatial sense—more along the lines of cultural landscaping, the meaning of place, and regional identity, specifically the identity of New England. When asked where I’m from, I sometimes respond that I’m from the state of New England. New England is my home range and my favorite map-making muse.” 

“Masshole Classic” is a long running drawing series where David combines the derogative expression of “Masshole” with a variety of Massachusetts’ soil horizons. The limited edition “Masshole Classic” print, available from Trifecta Editions, features a generalized Cape Cod soil profile. Visit David Buckley Borden’s official website for additional works for sale including “Boston Harbor Islands Silkscreen Print” and “Maine is Cold Map Print”. 

Hashtag Penguin Problems in "Penguin Misjudges Zombie" watercolor print by Greg Stones

If you’ve visited the SOWA market in Boston, you’ve probably ran into Greg Stones and or his penguins and zombies. The Rhode Island author, artist, tall guy, is the creator of, “Penguins Hate Stuff” (2013), “Zombies Hate Stuff” (2012) and various watercolor prints.

Despite the book’s title, Greg proclaims that with the exception of the penguins that are exposed to nuclear waste and become zombies (Zombified things are always jerks), his penguins are mostly just trying to live their lives, and as is often the case in this world, humorously bad things happen.

And although he may not be entire sure what Zombies hate, “Partially because they don't exist, but mostly because research makes me sleepy,” Greg does know his zombies are classy and understand the importance of a good suit and tie. “The small amount of research that I did do showed that nine out of ten victims prefer being eaten by a professional living corpse who looks the part.” Greg’s artwork and books can be purchased on his official website.

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