Monday, October 21, 2013

You Can Shut Down the Government But You Can’t Shut Down Rough Francis

Maximum Soul Power at Middle East on 10/18/13 (image credit)

That pivotal moment in a song or performance when you think, “Fuck yeah music. Fuck. Yeah.” Well that’s Rough Francis.

It’s no coincidence this modern day punk rock band from Burlington, Vermont (formed in 2008) channels the soul, funk and swagger of the 70’s. Cast as their father and uncles in the recent documentary, A Band Called Death, that chronicles a 70’s Detroit black punk band’s journey from obscurity to underground sensation decades later, singer Bobby Hackney Jr., drummer Urian Hackney and guitarist Julian Hackney credit who they are and what they do to their lineage. Along with bassist Steven Hazen Williams and guitarist Paul Comegno, Rough Francis is already a historical band.

At some point during their set, you come to the epiphany that you can actually feel the music. The sound that transcends time is truly an experience. It's a set you express to people, weeks after seeing it. Providing an unparalleled performance through epic quality, passion and talent, Rough Francis acts as a time machine, bringing you back to the groovy era of The Sonics, MC5 and The Who, with Bobby doing a spot on Roger Daltrey at times and Comegno moving fluidly about the stage as if entranced by the music which he is creating.

Vermont’s best kept secret has gone national. Experience the iconic maximum soul power of Rough Francis by listening to their latest LP on Bandcamp, purchasing Maximum Soul Power at and following the band on Facebook and Twitter for tour dates.

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