Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Animals Sell - 5 Records with Animal Cover Art You Should be Listening to Right Now

As stated in the original Bandcamp Roulette post, and most recently, on Instagram, I'm a sucker for cover art. In particular, animal themed images. However, like finding a guy with a great sense of humor and a job with benefits, these magical items are harder to find when you're actually looking for them. But from the depths of Bandcamp, I bring you five 2012-2013 EPs/full lengths donned with fuzzies, for your listening pleasure.

Put that shit on a record. Fucking majestic.

Summer Cannibals
No Makeup (2013)
Portland, OR
Buy the album for $8.99 on iTunes
"Oh ladies, please," is what I believe the missing word bubble on this record should say. Sassy ladies and a shaggy dog wearing a leather jacket? Instant hit. Amiright? I'm all over the attitude oozing from this Portlandia band. Check out their Facebook page for additional fuzzy dog photos.

The Wild EP (2012)
Boston/Allston, MA
FREE download on Bandcamp (while they last)
"This ones for the girl who really cares / I'm so caught up in her red hair". If Bon Iver had some swagger. "White Lies" is a dreamy, hazy love song you just need to sway to, with beer in hand, by candle light at dusk. At least that's what I'm doing right now.

Not Half Bad
Good People (2013)
Fort Worth, TX
Buy the album for $5 or more on Bandcamp
"Shake your tail feather". Holy Darkbuster Batman. This Texas band actually has some seriously hard times to recount in their 13 song full length...but they do it with that all or nothing fuck em all attitude that resonates so well in the Boston area.

Pet Symmetry
Two Songs About Cars. Two Songs With Long Titles (2013)
Chicago, IL
Buy this two song EP for $3 or more on Bandcamp
As a veteran TBS fan, long titles intrigue me. The peppiest way to ever hear the line, "Have you ever felt your perfect teeth make a connection with Chicago concrete."

Persian Claws
S/T (2013)
Burlington, VT
Buy this vinyl LP for $15 on Bandcamp
Submitted as a Twitter suggestion! I listen people, hit me up. Big fan. Huge fan of 1960's throwback garage music. This sexy female fronted New England band is simply groovy.

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