Monday, December 17, 2012

DIY Christmas Nip Tree

Watch out Martha, I've got the ultimate Yankee Swap gift!

I made this last year for a friend who was taking a winter cruise and had a master plan of sneaking some nips on board. I surround myself with rebels. Very simple with a mega wow factor. Has anyone else noticed all my DIY's include nips?

All you need is:
A small, pre-lit table top tree (around 2' is fine)
About 20-25 nips
Beautiful handmade bow
Christmas ribbon

I got my tree from a local plant nursery that was selling real Christmas trees, but you can find these at most retail stores like Amazon or Bed Bath and Beyond.

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Use Christmas ribbon to hang nips like ornaments around your tree. I chose Smirnoff vodka nips because that's what my friend drinks and they come in a bunch of festive colors. Remember to leave extra length to curl your ribbon.

Photography credit

Finish your tree with a big, beautiful handmade bow. I will admit, I'm not too good at this part, but there are plenty of tutorials to get your craft on, like this how-to from Miss Lovie Creations.

A handmade bow completes this easy DIY gift

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