Thursday, October 11, 2012

Class Reunion Dress Code

Breakout your Abercrombie T-shirt, Adidas shell toes, and Sum 41’s All Killer, No Filler album, because you're invited to your 10 year high school reunion!

Well, actually, I sort of invited myself, thanks Facebook event suggestions. So it's a partial voluntary, self-inflicted dilemma. What have I made of myself 10 years post semi-formals and pride rallies? Well...I've been eating broccoli and hummus for the last seven days because I can't afford to live. But my bills are paid! ...Except for that Visa bill that was buried under a pile of Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons...

So what do I wear?

Too dressy?

Talk about making an impression. What do you wear to a room full of people who knew you during your most awkward stages in life? How can I dress to say, look at me now! Which probably won't make a difference considering I don't remember half the guest list.

Accentuate your good side with a form fitting pencil skirt
JCrew No. 2 pencil skirt in beaded herringbone wool
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Wear your personality with a bright and fun print 
Express Mix Print Satin Pencil Skirt
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Balance the faux leather trend with a conservative sweater 
The Limited Button Sleeve Sweeter
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Faux Leather Mini Skirt
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Accessorize your little black dress 
H&M Black Dress with Belt and Cardigan
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Casual and chic in a modern blouse and designer jeans 
White House Black Market Burnout Dot Blouse
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Kicker Contour Jeans
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Anything look appropriate? What have you worn or will wear to yours?


  1. I didn't go to my 10th but I went to my 15th and I would wear the jeans and the silver top. Granted mine was in the bar of a run down bowling alley but if I am going to go back in time, I want to be comfortable.

    1. Yes, comfort is key! I have these really cute heels but I'm fairly certain that I run the risk of falling if I wear them.

  2. My 10th is this year as well. No word on a reunion yet which is probably for the best because while everyone is talking about their kids I'd be like "well my cats.."


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